Classic Sleek Choco Lover cake

Ready within 48 hours

We present the Sleek cake. We can make the perfect cake for all raspberry Mousse lovers.

Size: 8″

THE INGREDIENTS: Sponge cake with, raspberry, sugar flowers, date, and food colouring.

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THIS PRODUCT: We present the Sleek Choco cake. We can make the perfect cake for all raspberry Mousse lovers.

THE INGREDIENTS: Sponge cake with, sugar flowers, and food colouring.

OUR PRODUCTS: Our treats are handcrafted in London, UK. We use the finest quality fresh ingredients and make everything by hand. By combining the real expertise, the right ingredients, and the good method we guarantee you the perfect taste, the freshness, and the best flavour.

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND GUESTS – We are more than happy to deliver our gourmet products freshly to your house or business.

GREAT FOR SEVERAL OCCASIONS: Not only are our range ideal for family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, but also make a wonderful thank you or special occasion offering.


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